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Ofunato's recommended park ② [Minato Park] 🔹 3-4 minutes walk from kamome Terrace 😄

《Ofunato Park Information②》

kamome Terrace A popular park with a vast lawn plaza, about 3-4 minutes on foot from Yumeumi Park ] (Yumemi Park), and is crowded with many families on holidays 😊

That【 Yumeumi Park Right next to [on the sea side], it was constructed so as to straddle the seawall. Minato Park ] Was completed in November 2020, and you can now enjoy the scenery of Ofunato Bay up close 😆😆😆

Thereby,【 Yumeumi Park ] [ Minato Park ] [ kamome Terrace ] [ Commercial facility ☆ Cassen ] The surrounding area is even more attractive ✨ ✨ ✨

In addition to the private parking lot of Yumeumi Park, there is a free parking lot (more than 30 cars) opposite the park, so you can park with confidence 🚗🚙


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