May only ☆ Monthly change [Satsuki no Ka] Japanese sweets & Western sweets

kamome Terrace Then, we sell monthly Japanese sweets and Western sweets as [Monthly sweets] for a limited time. May [Satsuki no Ka] It is an introduction of 😊

🔸 Sale period May 1st (Sat) -May 31st (Mon)

[ Satsuki no Ka ◇ Japanese sweets ] Wakaayu 🐟 250 yen per piece

Finally, we put the special grain bean paste and fertilizer in a “sticky” dough 😋 Each one is handmade with all our heart 💕
Recommended Japanese sweets at this time 🥰✨

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[ Satsuki no Ka ◇ Western confectionery ] Amanatsu cake 1 piece 432 Circle

A cake with a mild sweetness and a refreshing aftertaste that matches the rich and smooth taste of mascarpone with the acidity of sweet summer 🍊😋💕

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