New release of premium series

At the kamome Terrace / Sanriku Confectionery Saito directly managed store, from Saturday, June 18th, "Premium Series" limited to Saturdays and Sundays Will be on sale.

🔹 Release period: June 18th (Sat) -August 31st (Wed), 2022

🔹 "Around Bean Daifuku" (* For a limited time) 400 yen per piece (tax included)
Shiratama-ko, Habutae-ko, Prefectural Sennin's secret water, and Noda salt are used for the mochi dough to make it soft, and mashed bean paste and red bean paste, which is about three times as much as normal bean daifuku, are wrapped.

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🔹 "Trifle" (* for a limited time) 800 yen per piece (tax included)
I packed oranges, kiwis and strawberries in a jar with whipped cream and sponge 🍊🥝🍓
Prefectural Sanriku Star Strawberry Used (* May vary depending on availability)

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We also accept reservations.

[ kamome Terrace ] 📞 0120-311-514

[ Morioka Kokubun-dori store ] 📞 019-605-3110
[ Fezan store ☆ Morioka station ] 📞 019-652-8007 * Only "Goro Goro" is sold
[ Kitakami Main Store ] 📞 0197-61-3110
[ Kamaishi store ☆ Aeon Kamaishi ] 📞 0193-55-4731
[ Takada store ] 📞 0192-55-2186

[Sanriku Iwate Ofunato Iwate specialty kamomenotamago Saito Seika]