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[Superlative] "Golden Kamomenotamago"

Do you know "kamomenotamago", the highest grade of Saito Confectionery?

It is "Golden Kamomenotamago" which won the "Monde Selection Grand Gold Award" in 2007.

Carefully selected whole chestnuts are used luxuriously and gently wrapped in a special creamy bean paste. It is a top-class dish with gold leaf on the surface ✨✨

The Tohoku region, such as Miyagi and Iwate prefectures, has long been a gold-producing area in Japan, and some gold from the local Kesen region is said to have been used in the Konjikido (Golden Hall) in Hiraizumi, a World Heritage Site. It's a golden romance 😊🤩

🔹 "Golden Kamomenotamago"・1 piece 390 yen ・6 pieces 2,600 yen


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[Sanriku Iwate Ofunato Iwate specialty sweet confectionery of kamomenotamago]