have fun

Enjoy the Seagull terrace

You can enjoy the menu and relaxing moments that do not taste only here.

Enjoy making

Of DECO gull eggs

Let's make only one of the "egg of DECO Seagull" in the world!
Put a chocolate on the base of the egg, the "egg of DECO Seagull" only yourself like topping development experience can be enjoyed.
Etc. ※ Saturdays, Sundays and public holidays will be held (to be held Sunday, and held on time, Event calendarPlease verify)

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Seagull Kitchen

Only egg making and of DECO Seagull of one in the world, you can enjoy the experience menu, such as sweets classroom.
※ schedule, such as held Sunday and held on timeEvent calendar Please verify.

Candy classroom

The seagull kitchen, will be held every month sweets classroom by pastry and sweets craftsmen of the factory.
We will teach you clearly a skilled professional skills. To the more familiar candy making.
Etc. ※ month will be held once (held Sunday and held on time,Event calendarPlease verify)

Enjoy eating

齊藤珈琲「 和 ~なごみ~」

To accent the carefully selected high-quality Ethiopian coffee beans, we made the coffee in the roasting of Saito sticking to fit the candy.
You can charm you a soft and deep flavor and refreshing acidity.

Mitarashi grilled dumplings

In Saito toys, in the Saito toys offers baked dumplings stuck to the real thing to make crush steamed Koshihikari every day.
Savory baked and dumpling was, plenty of characteristic Mitarashi sauce is excellent compatibility!
※ (around June to August) summer will be cool dumpling.

Seagull Software

Iwate - Ofunato confection with "gull egg," we have to one soft cream.
Luxury to squeeze a yellowish bean paste of egg of Seagull Mont Blanc style, Ashiraimashita white chocolate.
Please try the taste to become a habit that does not taste only here!

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Photo spot

If you come to gull the terrace, the previous symbol of "nest of smile", a great shooting spot you want to hold down.
Besides, shooting Guddzu of "egg of Seagull" and "The Seagull of Sailor-kun" is also plenty.
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Instagram 「# Seagull Terrace "

Mortar bench

Large people and children, or sitting, Dari lying down, or play around! Let's experience the strange and unusual space!

Enjoy watching

Factory View

Original candy "light of morning," the candy of the manufacturing process you can enjoy through the glass in the center of the. You can catch a glimpse of Saito attitude to the confectionery of sweets.
※ by time zone, the production line, there is a case for cleaning and inspection work.
※ production line, there might be stopped without notice.

Seagull Gallery

Is open as a place of artistic and cultural activities announcement of local residents is the "Community Gallery". Available in such as photo exhibition, Painting Exhibition picture letter Exhibition.