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"Carefully selected raisin bread" ☆ Recommended by the staff of the bread studio ☆ Limited sale on Fridays and Saturdays

kamome Terrace "Bread Studio ~ COCOA ~" It is an introduction of the recommended bread of the staff.

🔸 "Carefully selected raisin bread" Half loaf << 4 pieces >> 259 yen

* 1 loaf << 8 pieces >> 432 yen * The product in the photo (1 loaf is sold only by reservation)

Rum-pickled raisins were kneaded into a fluffy dough and baked 😍🤩
[Recommended by the workshop staff ㌽] Even if you bake it, the flavor will increase and it will be delicious 😋👍

We also accept reservations.

[ kamome Terrace ] 📞 0120-311-514

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