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「 かもめテラス」は、「三陸菓匠さいとう」の新たな“総本店”としてオープンいたしました。




Saito toys Cocoa Le Pommier Sanriku 菓匠 Saito Veranda cafe Nest of smile Seagull Gallery Factory View Seagull Kitchen Veranda Park Seagull feather cheaper

    Sanriku 菓匠 Saito home office. Popular "egg of Seagull" and as a souvenir of Iwate Ofunato, "the light of the morning", etc., is a confectionery of the main brand Saito with a focus on sweets.

  • Pâtisserie Saito | テラス工房


  • COCOA Cocoa | bakery

    Bakery cocoa to deliver bread baked daily in the oven of the "Seagull terrace". We recommend the "phantom of cream bread" and "premium Ampang".

  • Saito toys | cafe

    Saito confectionery roots, chairman Toshiaki Saito grandmother Kinue handmade taste of grandma. Nostalgic taste and at the time, such as "baked dumpling commitment" is Masu fun Me.

A store that let's look


Veranda cafe

Enjoy your disposal in a relaxed atmosphere of being on the veranda is "Eat & Cafe space". It is available for free, such as tea.

Nest of smile

It is egg-shaped Children's Playground of which put the thought that "a lot of smiles to the children of the future". Smile the children is a symbol of the "Seagull terrace".

Seagull Kitchen

Only egg making and of DECO Seagull of one in the world, you can enjoy the experience, such as sweets classroom.
※ held schedule, please check the event calendar.

Factory View

SANRIKUKASYO SAITOやPâtisserie Saitoなどお菓子の製造工程をお楽しみいただけます。

Seagull feather cheaper

Seagull is to rest the wings, serving with hot and breath, is a small break spot with calm.

Is open as a place of artistic and cultural activities announcement of local residents is the "Community Gallery". Available in such as photo exhibition, Painting Exhibition picture letter Exhibition.

Veranda Park