One bushel rice cake Saito

One bushel rice cake Saito

Is the birthday of one year old "one bushel rice cake celebration" is, as one bushel of one bushel rice cake (Ichisho)
Life = life from this child multiplied by (Ichisho)
So as not to embarrass the food life, so that the future of a lifetime become healthy
The hope of a, is a celebration that takes place in conjunction with celebrating the growth of up to one year old child.
It also has a round shape, also put the meaning of and to live a harmonious life.

One bushel rice cake Saito

One bushel rice cake Saito

一升餅 3,024円(税込)

Weight: red and white two together 2 kg (your one 1kg)
Size: diameter 15cm height 5cm
※ There is some error. please note that.

One bushel rice cake set

One bushel rice cake set
(One bushel rice cake + backpack)

背負い袋のみ 1,950円(税込)

Commemorative photo session

  • Happy Birthday

First Saturday of each month
Commemorative photo gifts photo session

Get the happiness full of photos of the children and families that carrying a rice cake!
Time: during business hours (please tell us more information to staff)
Subject: 1-year-old birthday before and after the children and their families Reservations required 0120-311-514

One bushel rice cake Saito