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New bread on August 15 ◇ New bread day on the 1st and 15th of every month ◇ kamome Terrace ☆ Bread studio "COCOA"

kamome Terrace of Bread studio "COCOA" Then, the 1st and 15th of every month is the new bread day 😊

Three kinds of new bread will be released on August 15th (^^ ♪

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[August 15- ◇ New bread]

① Caramel brulee flavored bread  248 Circle
A bitter salt caramel filling using rare Guérande salt was rolled into a crispy dough and baked, and whipped custard was squeezed to finish.

② Herb sausage bread  291 yen
I wrapped potato salad in a dough with rye malt, topped it with diced sausages with 4 kinds of herbs, and baked it.

③ Uzumaki black sesame banana cream bun 226 yen
The dough wrapped with soy milk banana cream was covered with a black sesame banana-flavored biscuit dough and baked brightly.


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