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[🥚Limited to Easter] How about “rabbit bread'' (^^♪

Easter in 2023 is April 9th🥚

Easter is a festival that celebrates the resurrection of Jesus Christ and seems to be the most important event in Christianity.

The symbols of Easter are 🥚 eggs and 🐇 rabbits😍

At the "Bread Workshop Cocoa" on kamome Terrace, two kinds of cute " 🐰 Rabbit bread" will be sold for a limited time ✨✨


🔸 "🐇 Rabbit Bread☆Chocolate Cream 』 172 yen The ever-popular chocolate bread is baked in a cute 🐇 rabbit style. 😍😍

🔸 "🐰 Happy Rabbit Bread" 216 yen Melon bread with a gentle sweetness, made with plenty of fermented butter eggs from Brittany, in the style of a rabbit 🥰🥰

🔹 Sale period April 1st (soil) ~ 9 days (Day)

We also accept reservations.

[ Kamome Terrace ]📞0192-311-514

[Sanriku Iwate Ofunato Iwate specialty sweet confectionery of kamomenotamago]