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A pack of 3 of the super popular summer product ② "Chilled dumplings" will be on sale from June 1st🍡

at Kamome Terrace " Saito Mochiya Corner ”, as a super popular summer product "Chilled dumplings on skewers" is popular, but the version that is not stuck in the skewer "Chilled dango ☆ 3 pieces pack 』 will be on sale from June 1st.

It is a pack type with 3 balls that is easy to handle while maintaining the deliciousness.


[Chilled dumplings 🍡 3 pieces pack]

🔹 Price 237 yen
🔹Sales period: From June 1st to the end of August


[ Limited to kamome Terrace☆Chilled dumplings on skewers ] 151 yen per bottle Thank you too 😉

[ Kamome Terrace ]📞0120-311-514

[Sanriku Iwate Ofunato Iwate specialty sweet confectionery of kamomenotamago]