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New bread on July 1st ◇ New bread day on the 1st and 15th of every month ◇ Kamome Terrace ☆ Bread workshop "COCOA"

Kamome Terrace of Bread workshop "COCOA" Then, the 1st and 15th of every month are new bread days 😊

On July 1st, 3 types of new bread and limited pizza will appear ^ ^♪

1st and 15th LINE official account [friends only 🍞10% discount coupon for all bread] will be delivered😆 Register as a LINE friend and get a great coupon!

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[July 1 ~ ◇ new bread]

① Potato tartar sauce bread  232 circle
Shredded potatoes and tartar sauce are topped on a delicious cheese-flavored batter🥔

② Nozawana Wasabi French Bread 210 circle
Crispy French dough topped with wasabi nozawana and baked crispy.

③ Basil cheese boule 232 circle
Gouda cheese cream is wrapped in French dough containing Levanche, topped with basil mayonnaise and baked.

[July only] Teriyaki chicken pizza (S) 275 yen
Pan pizza dough is coated with teriyaki sauce and topped with teriyaki chicken.


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We also accept reservations.

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[Sanriku Iwate Ofunato Kamomenotamago Saito Confectionery]