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Limited to July☆Monthly [Bungetsu no Ka] Japanese sweets & Western sweets

Kamome Terrace Every month, Tsukinoka sells a limited number of Japanese sweets and Western sweets.
of July [Fumetsu no Ka] is a refreshing two recommended for hot summer It's a product ✨

☆Sales period July 1st (Sat) ~ July 31st (Mon)

[ Bunzuki no Ka ◇ Japanese sweets ]
"Kuzu Lemon 🍋" One 195 yen (tax included)
It is a Japanese confectionery that is perfect for summer, with smooth kuzumochi and refreshing lemon bean paste that gives you a refreshing feeling.

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[ July noka◇Western confectionery ]
"float" 1 piece 453 Yen (tax included)
Sweet and sour lemon jelly and Blue Hawaii jelly contain 5 brightly colored fruits, making it a sparkling and refreshing gem.

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🔹 we also accept reservations.

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