Frequently Asked Questions

Frequently Asked Questions

Q Do you have a regular holiday?

New Year's Day only will be charged the rest. Otherwise, it will be open seven days a week.

Q From what time business hours until what time?

9:00 to 19: 00. (Except for the year-end and New Year holidays)

Q Do you send the goods purchased in the shop by courier?

Yes. It It was sent in, such as "black cat Yamato" and "Yu-Pack".

Q Order Do you (mail order) is possible by telephone or the Internet?

We accept the national ship in communication sales representative.
[A dedicated toll-free] 0120-3110-05
営業時間/9:00~17:00 定休日/日曜日・水曜日
[online shop]

Q Do you have a membership card and point card?

Yes. There is a retail store dedicated point card. (No expiration date)
When the points are accumulated, you can shop of 500 yen.

Q Noshi (Works) is Can you give?

Yes. Such as red Noshi and France for Noshi, we will support according to your applications. Please consult for more information on the clerk.

Q Do you buy the candy one by one?

Yes. There are also products of some boxed only, but many of the items can be purchased in one by one separately.

Q Various candy assortment Do you (confectionery fold) can be?

Yes. We will respond according to customer requirements. Such as your application and budget, please consult the clerk.

Q Or egg of red and white gull has always sold in the shop?

There is also possible to over-the-counter sales limited by time, so usually will be manufactured to order from us, please order a week ago.

Q Do you have a Hikigashi for ceremonial occasions?

Yes. We accept a variety of Hikigashi such as weddings and funerals.
Birth, baby's first annual festival, seven hundred fifty-three, enrollment, graduation, ceremony, new construction, opening, opening, every celebration, such as Awards, honors. Betrothal, for the wedding such as wedding receptions. Wake, funeral, memorial service, such as for Tomuraikoto. Such as the budget and the contents of goods, please feel free to contact us.

Q Can I use a credit card or debit card?

Yes. You can use the following card.

Q Electronic money do you use?

Yes. You can use the following prepaid Posutopei.
iD・Suica・pasmo・nanaco・楽天Edy・WAON・PayPay・QUICPay(Apple Pay・Google Pay・auPAY 対応)

Q Can I connect to the Internet?

Yes. The store is available a Wi-Fi free connection service. Your existing smartphone, tablet, available in a PC of wireless LAN installed.

Q Do you have a cafe space?

Yes. The store offers a "veranda cafe" as a cafe and eat-in space. There is an outdoor terrace, you can slowly spend any time here.

Q Is there a place where children play?

Yes. There is a large oval-shaped Children's Playground "nest of smile". We offer picture books. Please use all means.

Q Do you pets can enter the store?

No. Because you are engaged in the manufacture and sale of food at the hotel, on the hygiene management, visiting pet (auxiliary dog ​​is excluded) You withhold. The "veranda cafe space" of the terrace we offer a dog lead hook. Here you can relax with a pet.

Q Is birthday cake do I order before many days?

Birthday cake 3 days ago, the photo cake please order up to one week before. It should be noted that the cake of a special size, please contact us as soon as possible.

Q What is the expiration date of the cake?

We want will be served in one flavor does not change, we become the expiration date of the day.

Q Do you wheelchairs available?

Since all the store there is also a multi-purpose toilet has become a barrier-free, you can enjoy with confidence in a wheelchair.

Q Do you have a wheelchair for a loan?

Yes. Chair of the loan for the car We will offer two.

Q Can you visit the candy of the manufacturing process?

You can enjoy a variety of candy manufacturing process around the "light of the morning," which was made in accordance with the open of gull terrace. ※ by Closed date and time zone might not be running.

Q Can you plant tour of the egg of seagulls?

Yes, Reservations are required but available free of charge. Location employees will guide you in the "Seagull Terrace" it is in the place of about 15 minutes by car from the "Seagull Township candy factory of Ⅲ".
TEL 0192-27-0498(受付時間9:00~16:00)
※定休日 日曜・水曜日

Q When can the egg making experience of DECO Seagull?

Saturday, Sunday and holidays from 11:00 to 14: 00 ~ will be held. For more informationEvent calendarPlease verify.